Recent days have seen alarming information circulating on social media, raising concerns about the safety of Kenya Airways flight KQA101 that departed from London Heathrow and executed a go-around procedure on its approach to land in Nairobi.

In response to these reports, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has issued an official statement addressing the situation and confirming the safety of the flight.

The incident in question occurred on Friday, as Kenya Airways' B787 Dreamliner aircraft, flight number KQA101, was approaching Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi.

The aircraft executed a go-around procedure during its descent.

The KCAA clarified that a go-around is a standard aviation protocol employed when the designated runway for landing becomes unavailable or when certain conditions require a reassessment of the landing approach.

The authority emphasized that at no point during this procedure was the safety of the passengers or the aircraft in jeopardy.

In a statement, the Director General of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority reassured the public, stating, "The go-around by KQA101 was a normal procedure when the runway in use is not available for landing. At no time was the safety of the KQ aircraft and persons on board in jeopardy."

The KCAA reiterated its unwavering commitment to prioritizing the safety and security of all aspects of aviation, including passengers, property, and operational processes. 

"The Authority endeavours to ensure the safety and security of the flying public, property, and operations remain paramount," the statement read.

This official statement aims to provide clarity and assurance to the public, addressing any concerns or misconceptions regarding the safety of Kenya Airways' flight operations.

The KCAA invites individuals with further inquiries or in need of additional information to contact the authority directly as open and transparent communication is considered essential in maintaining trust and confidence within the aviation sector.