Raila Odinga, the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition has revealed that Tanzania President Sama Suluhu's recent visit to Kenya was aimed at mediating talks between the government and the opposition.

However, the efforts proved futile as President William Ruto failed to show up for the meeting, leaving the mediation attempts in vain.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, Raila expressed his frustration over the government's reluctance to engage in dialogue with the opposition.

He disclosed that President Suluhu's visit to Kenya lasted for two days but yielded no results.

"Those members of that team withdrew. At the time, most members claimed they were out of the country and could not reach a quorum, meaning they were not serious," Raila stated.

"There have also been attempts from outside, the President of Tanzania came here two weeks ago at the invitation of President Ruto to mediate. She was kept waiting; Not from our side, we were available, but the other side was not available. She spent two nights here and it was all in vain."

Raila Odinga further expressed disappointment with President Ruto's attitude, accusing him of turning a blind eye to the pressing issues at hand despite numerous calls for dialogue.

He emphasized that the opposition has been willing to engage in talks, but the government's resistance has hindered any progress.

"Other people have tried, right now know other people are trying but they are resistant so basically he knows what he wants. I am ready to sit and have a talk with other people to discuss these issues. He is actually pretending, he is living in delusion that we don't have a crisis," Raila added.

The Azimio leader reiterated that the opposition remains open to constructive discussions with the government in order to address the concerns voiced by Kenyan citizens and resolve conflicts in an amicable manner.

The situation has drawn attention to the strained relations between the government and the opposition, with mediation efforts falling through due to the absence of President Ruto from the scheduled meeting.

As the nation faces critical challenges, the need for dialogue and cooperation becomes increasingly urgent to find common ground and pave the way for a more harmonious future.

The outcome of the attempted mediation by President Suluhu has cast a spotlight on the underlying issues, raising questions about the willingness of both sides to come together in the interest of national stability.

As Kenya seeks a way forward, it remains to be seen whether further attempts at dialogue will yield a breakthrough in addressing the country's pressing concerns.