The leader of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition, Raila Odinga, took to his official Twitter account on Friday to address the nation, providing crucial updates on his health status and dispelling rumours surrounding alleged meetings with foreign envoys.

In a series of tweets, Odinga shared insights into his current condition and reaffirmed his commitment to the welfare of the nation.

"I am currently under the weather, battling a strong strain of flu, hence keeping off public engagements and all meetings," tweeted Raila

Raila, explaining the reason behind his recent absence from public events and official gatherings.

The statement comes in response to speculations in certain media outlets, suggesting that the coalition leader had held meetings with foreign envoys.

Paila, however, unequivocally denied these claims, stating that he has not been part of any such meetings as some media outlets purport.

"I have, therefore, held no meeting with any envoys as reported by some media outlet," Raila said.

While Raila temporarily deals with his health challenges, the coalition's representatives, Hon Opiyo Wandayi and Hon Jeremiah Kioni, have taken up the mantle to address pressing issues.

The duo made a significant visit to Hon Kalonzo Musyoka, who is currently believed to be under house arrest and detention.

The purpose of the visit was perhaps to demonstrate the coalition's solidarity and concern for their fellow leader's situation.

Kalonzo's detention has drawn considerable public interest, and the coalition aims to address any concerns that may arise from this development.

The visit by Wandayi and Kioni underscores the coalition's commitment to standing united and supporting its members in challenging times.

Raila Odinga's tweets have provided a much-needed clarification for his supporters, dispelling any misinformation regarding his health condition and the alleged envoy meetings.

As the situation surrounding Hon Kalonzo Musyoka's house arrest and detention continues to evolve, citizens remain attentive to updates and developments.