Azimio La Umoja, led by Raila Odinga, has announced a revision of their Third Wave peaceful protest calendar in response to what they termed overwhelming requests from the Kenyan public. 

The Coalition, in a statement released on Friday, declared that the protests will now take place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week.

In a communication issued yesterday, Azimio La Umoja informed the public about the upcoming Third Wave of peaceful protests scheduled to start on Wednesday next week.

Following widespread requests from all sectors of the Kenyan public for intensified demonstrations, the coalition has decided to revise the calendar and include three days of activity.

"Further to the communication issued yesterday on the Third Wave of peaceful protests scheduled to start on Wednesday next week, and following overwhelming requests from all sectors of the Kenyan Public for the need to intensify these demonstrations, the Coalition hereby wishes to announce a revision of the calendar," stated Azimio La Umoja in their official statement.

"Going forward, the peaceful protests will now be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week, in line with requests from the public to include three days of activity."

This extension of the peaceful protests demonstrates Azimio La Umoja's commitment to representing the interests of the Kenyan people and addressing their desire for more impactful demonstrations.

By incorporating three days of activity, the coalition aims to amplify the collective voice of the public and bring attention to the various concerns raised.

Azimio has encouraged citizens to join the peaceful protests on the prescribed days.

The coalition acknowledged the significance of peaceful engagement and urges all participants to adhere to the rule of law during the protest period.

Azimio also emphasizes the importance of cooperating with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of all involved.