In a shocking revelation, Silvanus Osoro, the Chief Whip of the National Assembly in Kenya and South Mugirango MP has exposed an elaborate scheme employed by Kenya Kwanza, to secure victory in the crucial vote on the controversial Finance Bill 2023.

Osoro also disclosed the unscrupulous and unethical measures used to sway their Azimio counterparts, including bribery and arm-twisting, which tipped the scale for Kenya Kwanza.

Speaking candidly during a UDA recruitment drive in Kitutu Chache South Constituency, Mr Osoro revealed the lengths to which he went to ensure the success of the bill.

"I had to look for ways, by hook or by crook, to get it through, I had to manipulate systems, I looked for ways to get the opposition MPs to play our tune, I conspired with the opposition MPs and got some of them to absent themselves from the House so that," Osoro claimed,

"I could get the numbers. Some were sponsored to go abroad while others were bribed to feign illness."

Ososro further disclosed that the government had expended a significant amount of money to manipulate opposition MPs into staying away from Parliament during the vote, thus ensuring the bill's passage with minimal opposition.

However, he did not provide specific figures regarding the amount spent.

Responding to concerns about the bill's potential overturning by the courts, Osoro asserted that the government would employ all available means to prevent such an outcome.

He emphasized that the Finance Bill had already been assented to by President William Ruto, and therefore the government would tirelessly work to safeguard its implementation.

While Osoro's claims could not be substantiated, several Azimio lawmakers declined to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, local residents have expressed dismay over the public disclosure of such allegations by a high-ranking official in the National Assembly.

They questioned the implications of Osoro's statements on the integrity of lawmakers, considering his influential position within one of the three arms of the government.

Mr Osoro defended his actions, stating, "We are the ones who draft these bills. If it gets to the floor and is voted down, the position for Osoro is gone. I cannot allow that to happen. If it is voted down, my position as chief whip could be taken away."

He added that despite the bill's potential negative impact on those employed, the government had ensured that civil servants' salaries were adjusted upwards to mitigate any income loss.

Highlighting the ruling coalition's intent to maintain control, Osoro asserted, "We will manipulate every system to ensure that we win, we will use our methods to ensure that things do not change."

Additionally, he argued that although the bill was passed through deceitful means, it would not heavily burden the common citizens, while acknowledging its adverse effects on the employed.

The National Assembly Majority Whip further emphasized that the Finance Bill's passage was crucial for the country's development.

He argued that without its approval, Kenya would have faced significant setbacks in terms of progress and growth.

The explosive revelations made by Silvanus Osoro have ignited widespread debate and concern among citizens, further intensifying scrutiny over the integrity of the government's legislative processes.

As the controversy surrounding the Finance Bill continues to unfold, citizens eagerly await further developments to determine the potential ramifications for the nation's governance and democratic principles.