Kitui East legislator, Nimrod Mbai, is currently at the centre of a storm following an altercation with a Kenya Power personnel who was dispatched to his Kitengela Acacia residence to disconnect an illicit electricity connection.

In a video that swiftly gained traction on social media, the second-term MP can be heard hurling insults at the Kenya Power officials before resorting to a physical assault on one of the engineers.

The incident, which transpired on Monday evening, has raised significant concerns and triggered public outrage over the abuse of authority and the safety of utility workers.

During the disturbing encounter, Mbai can be seen attempting to brandish a possible firearm from his waist while holding the engineer by his jacket collar.

His vehement protestations echo, "The president is on record saying if you are found to have connected to power illegally, you will get a meter box. You want to cut power to my children. I am a man, I can't allow that."

The matter was subsequently reported at the Kitengela Police Station, prompting a swift initiation of investigations into the incident.

Benjamin Ndubai, the Isinya Sub-County DCI boss, confirmed that a thorough probe has been launched and emphasized that legal action will be taken against the legislator.

"The matter was reported, and we have launched an investigation into the incident. We will act in accordance with the law at the appropriate time," stated Ndubai, underscoring the principle of equality before the law.

A reliable source familiar with the ongoing investigation affirmed that the MP will face arrest and subsequent charges in court, firmly asserting, "He will face the law in due course, no one is above the law."

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a contingent of police officers accompanied Kenya Power officials as they carried out the necessary disconnection of power lines and made arrests at Mbai's opulent residence, still under construction in Kitengela.

Notably, the parliamentarian was absent during the two-hour operation.

During the inspection, Kenya Power officials made alarming discoveries, uncovering an illegal electricity meter and aluminium cables concealed within one of the storage areas.

Additionally, they found cables belonging to the Rural Electrification Authority and Kenya Power discreetly stashed in unfinished buildings.

Peter Kathusia, a senior security officer at Kenya Power, emphasized the hazardous nature of the illicit power line, which spanned over a kilometre and dangerously strained the nearby power transformer.

Furthermore, he revealed that the MP had failed to adhere to legal protocols by neglecting to apply for electricity through the appropriate channels.

"We have recovered KPLC aluminium power cables and a meter from the house. We will also dismantle the entire power line. Such an illegal power line amounts to a time bomb for the occupants of the house," cautioned Kathusia, highlighting the severe consequences posed by unauthorized electrical installations.

With utmost concern for public safety, Kenya Power engineers implemented stringent safety measures during the operation to prevent potential electrocution accidents caused by the exposed cables.

The ongoing operation aims to identify and disconnect all illegally connected power lines supplying private homes and institutions within Isinya sub-county.

Consequently, the individuals apprehended during the operation are presently held at Kitengela Police Station as investigations continue.