Mike Sonko, has responded to recent allegations made by Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly (MCA) Robert Alai regarding the authenticity of his jewellery.

Sonko, known for his flamboyant lifestyle and love of luxury items, took to social media to address the claims made by Alai, offering him an opportunity to prove whether the bling is genuine or not.

In a strongly-worded statement directed at Alai, Sonko stated it was good at times to prove your worth against detractors.

"Lakini sometimes it's good to prove some haters like a certain MCA and his Envious Battalion wrong when they insist on involving themselves in matters they have no clue or knowledge about! My fren Roba, I managed to go to two jewellers to test whether my bling is fake as you alleged."

Sonko further urged Alai to carefully watch the footage he posted on social media, showing his visit to the jeweller's and the examination of his jewellery.

The controversial former Nairobi Governor extended an invitation to Alai, allowing him to choose a jeweller of his own preference to conduct further tests on the authenticity of the bling.

Sonko boldly stated that if the jewellery turns out to be fake, his offer to build a house for Alai's grandmother in the rural area would still stand.

"In case they are fake, my offer to build your grandmother a house in your rural home is still valid," Sonko wrote.

The feud between Sonko and Alai escalated after the MCA made claims, suggesting that Sonko's extravagant lifestyle might be built on counterfeit luxury items.

Sonko's response, along with his willingness to subject his jewellery to professional scrutiny, is seen as an attempt to refute these allegations and silence his critics.

The authenticity of high-end jewellery has often come under scrutiny, particularly among public figures known for their opulent displays.

As the debate continues, many are eagerly awaiting the results of the independent tests that Robert Alai may choose to conduct whose outcome could either vindicate Sonko or provide Alai with the ammunition he needs to validate his claims.

In the world of politics and social media, clashes between public figures are not uncommon.

However, the offer by Sonko to build a house for Alai's grandmother in the event of his jewellery being proven fake adds a unique twist to this ongoing battle.

In a quick rejoinder on Sonko's twee, Alai alleged the jeweller Sonko visited was also fake.

However, the authenticity of the jewellery in question is yet to be determined, and the claims made by the involved parties are subject to investigation and further examination by independent experts.