President William Ruto has issued a challenge to African leaders, urging them to harness the abundant green energy resources available on the continent in order to position Africa as a prominent green industrial hub.

In his call to action, President Ruto also appealed to nations in the Global North to relocate their industries to Africa and put an end to the utilization of fossil fuels.

“We have all that it takes to grow our industries and make Africa the clean, green factory of the world,” Ruto said.

The President delivered his message on Wednesday during the Pan-African Parliament Summit on Climate Policy and Equity, held in South Africa.

Ruto emphasized that relocating industries to Africa would not only enhance the continent's trade balance but also alleviate the strain on African currencies while reducing vulnerability resulting from dependency on unpredictable supply chains.

Highlighting Kenya's leadership in renewable energy usage, President Ruto underscored the progress made by his own country in this field.

Furthermore, President Ruto advocated for the reconfiguration of the United Nations to better serve the needs of the Global South, which currently faces disadvantages.

“Africa demands and deserves two permanent seats at the Security Council,” he said.

The event was attended by esteemed individuals including Chief Fortune Charumbira, President of the Pan African Parliament; Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairperson of the African Union Commission; Dr. Amina Mohamed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations; Amason Kingi, Senate Speaker; and various other leaders.