Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris of ODM has put political party differences aside to condemn alleged manhandling of Nominated Jubilee Senator Millicent Omanga at a burial in Kisii on Monday.

Passaris, through her social media pages, termed how Omanga was bundled off the podium by police and others after she confronted the Kisii governor James Ongwae, who was the event emcee.

“I am deeply appalled and would like to condemn in the strongest terms possible the manner in which Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga was manhandled yesterday in Kisii,” she tweeted.

Esther Passaris. PHOTO/TWITTER

The ODM lawmaker called for the respect of women’s bodies no matter the circumstance.

“No matter which side of the political divide we're on, women's bodies must be respected at all times,” she added in the widely shared tweet.

Her remarks elicited mixed reactions on social media, with some praising her for standing with her woman colleague while some bashed her and blamed the senator for her predicament.

Omanga was bundled off stage by a group of men, who included police officers, after she attempted to grab the microphone from Ongwae demanding to be given a chance to speak.

The drama happened during the burial of Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, where MPs Simba Arati and Sylvanus Osoro also exchanged blows in the politics infested ceremony.