Former Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirici has filed a notice of withdrawal from the petition challenging Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s victory in the August election.

Ngirici, through her lawyer Brian Khaemba informed the Kerugoya High Court of her intentions to withdraw the petition.

According to Khaemba, he received a call from Ngirici while he was on his way to the court for the pre-trial conference on Wednesday instructing him to file a notice of withdrawal.

Consequently, Justice Richard Mwongo gave Ngirici a seven-day period within which she should have filed the formal withdrawal application.

Ngirici said her decision to withdraw the petition followed soul-searching and wide consultations with UDA and her supporters for the betterment of Kirinyaga.

"After serious soul searching and wide consultation with my supporters, the UDA and Kenya Kwanza leadership, I have decided to take a bold step; one that does not serve to advantage me or disorganise and disenfranchise the governor but one that serves the full advantage to the people of Kirinyaga," Ngirici said.

Anne Waiguru, William Ruto and Wangui Ngirici. PHOTO/DPPS

She claimed she has resolved to withdraw the petition amid pressure from unnamed quarters to press on with the court process to allow Kirinyaga residents to have uninterrupted services and not due to lack of grounds of the case.

She offered her full support to Waiguru as she discharges her duties as Kirinyaga Governor and the Chairperson of the Council of Governors.

“I have gone against strong tides of pressure to press on with the court battle, resolved to withdraw the petition challenging Governor Waiguru's victory, not because we didn't have facts nor pregnant grounds to see the petition to the end, but to allow the people of Kirinyaga to enjoy uninterrupted services,” Ngirici said.

“I wish to grant the governor the full benefit, space and enough legroom too, without any excuse nor interruptions, discharge her duties to our people as the county head and, as the Chairperson of the Council of Governors.”

Waiguru’s husband Kamotho Waiganjo welcomed the move and echoed Ngirici’s sentiments that it will pave the way to uninterrupted service for the Kirinyaga residents.

Kamotho Waiganjo and Anne Waiguru. PHOTO/COURTESY

Ngirici appealed to the Waiguru to tirelessly and devotedly work to deliver the delayed benefits of devolution to Kirinyaga residents.

“I beseech her to see beyond herself and sacrifice everything to ensure that our people benefit and busk under the shade of the glorious tree of devolution and accelerated development,” she said.

However, while affirming her support for Waiguru and opening her doors for consultations, Ngirici cautioned that her support does not mean she will not chastise the governor if need be.

“I have, therefore, chosen to support her in whichever way and to consult from time to time on how to best help and deliver to our people,” Ngirici offered.

“This does not, however, mean that I won't criticise when necessary, or call out complacency and mistakes when and if they occur.”

To her supporters, Ngirici told them their interest comes first and assured them of a win at the next attempt.

Ngirici, while running for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat on an independent ticket in the recently concluded election narrowly lost to Waiguru who garnered 113,088 votes on a UDA ticket against her 105,667 votes.

However, Ngirici moved to court, challenging Waiguru’s victory citing electoral malpractices during and after the election.