The return of Matatus in Nakuru CBD, two years after their eviction was rather short-lived after they were evicted once again from the CBD after an hour of operation.

The Matatus were driven out of Nakuru CBD on Wednesday at around mid morning in a bid to decongest the the city.

This latest development comes just a day after the new Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika visited the four matatu termini and assured the matatu operators that proper infrastructure will be installed to ensure they have centralised terminus, fully equipped with social amenities.

Kihika said on Wednesday that her administration would set up a taskforce to assess what need to be done to streamline the transport sector in Nakuru CIty.

The governor said they will come up long-term solution for Nakuru City that would favour all residents of the city.

"We want to come up with permanent solutions for the city that will be good and favourable to those in the public sector as well as the passengers," Kihika said.

According to Kihika, the taskforce will begin to work on Thursday hinting that some operators may remain wherever whey are but with improved facilities while some may have to move.

"The taskforce will help up, some may remain where they are but with facilities and some will be moved, and that sort of thing... but let me not run too far ahead, lets wait for the taskforce," Kihika sai.

She also assured the operators that the public participation will happen to ensure the matatu operators approve the modern stage.

Matatus were removed from Nakuru CBD in 2020 under the leadership of ex-governor Lee Kinyanjui prompting the operators to protest the move.

The operators argued that there were no proper amenities at the new designated states, no proper security and the did not realise much in terms of returns in their businesses.

However, their cries fell on deaf ears since the count government had already advanced in the eviction plan.

Kihika, during her campaigns pledged to listen to the plight of the matatu operators if she became the governor.