John Githongo, activist and Chief Executive Officer of Inuka Kenya lobby group, on Monday filed an affidavit challenging the outcome of the August 9 presidential election.

In his affidavit, Githongo argues that fraudulent activities were done during the electoral process to favour the ninth respondent, President-elect William Ruto of the UDA party.

The activist alleges in the petition to have evidence from a whistleblower pointing to fraudulent exaggerations, suppressions and substitution of the presidential election results.

He claims to have been introduced to a young man in Nairobi who alleged to have been in possession of a matter of national importance that he wanted to discuss with the activist.

Githongo says the unnamed young man revealed to him the shocking details alleged to be behind Ruto’s victory in the recently concluded polls, including how it was executed.

"He revealed to me utterly shocking details of how he, together with others, were involved in a large scale, well-orchestrated fraudulent scheme that enabled them to interfere with and compromise with the IEBC electoral data transmission system," Githongo said.

Githongo says the man claimed to have been part of a group of 56 individuals code named “The Team” who supposedly worked to ensure a dubious win for Ruto in the August 9 poll.

The affidavit also claims the man also disclosed how he and 10 others, including a top UDA ICT expert and blogger among others supervised the outfit to alter thousands of vote forms.

The outfit was allegedly given access to the IEBC system to manipulate entries by obtaining forms 34A from the KIEMS kits, edit them and later upload them to the IEBC results portal.

Githongo also alluded, in his affidavit, that the outfit’s ICT experts had access to the IEBC back-end servers, which were reportedly working in conjunction with Smartmatic servers.

Smartmatic is the company that bagged the multi-billion-shilling tender to supply the Wafula Chebukati-led IEBC with the technology used during this year’s General Election.

Githongo further claimed to have a video recording of the testimony of the young man and will only disclose its contents and his identity during a camera session of the Supreme Court.

He revealed that the said individual had confessed to him that he had login credentials to access the backend of the IEBC systems but could not log in supposedly for his own security.

However, a section of Kenya Kwanza leaders, lawyers and other individuals affiliated to the coalition led by Dennis Itumbi have trashed the affidavit on social media terming it a fictitious tale.

A section of prominent Kenyans from both Azimio and Kenya Kwanza camps have raised issue with the veracity of the claims in the Githongo affidavit that reads like a spy thriller novel, with some sections claiming the activist might have been duped by the "informer."