Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has lambasted journalists who rushed to interview him at the Bomas of Kenya on Monday.

This happened when he went to join his competitors and other politicians at the venue ahead of the announcement of the presidential results, which was scheduled for 3 pm.

The controversial politician lashed out at the media accusing a section of them of telling lies about his family.

"You have something wrong with my home?" Wajackoyah posed.

"You went and told people lies about my family. Then you are running here, you want to take photos and videos of me."

Wajackoyah who has been placed third in the hotly contested presidential election is popular for his controversial beliefs and ideologies.

He has publicly campaigned for the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal purposes and the introduction of snake farming in the country.

His stand on controversial matters has drawn mixed reactions from various groups, with the youth identifying with his ideas while the clergy and elderly sharply differ from him.