Jubilee Party Vice-Chair David Murathe has hinted that there are plans to have the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition party to adopt the marijuana trade reforms.

He was speaking at an interview on a local TV station on Wednesday when he noted the Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah's take on marijuana. 

Murathe however pointed out that the kind of marijuana he was talking about was not the normal drug commonly abused but the medicinal variety.

He said other countries are already ripping benefits from trading in Marijuana and there was a need to put the marijuana reforms into perspective.

"I like what he is saying, about weed. I saw a documentary about weed in South Africa but it is not the normal one…this is medicinal. Weed is making money," Murathe said.

"You are not telling us to grow weed in Galana or Mwea instead of food security, I like it in theory."

Murathe disclosed they are currently asking Raila Odinga to consider the marijuana reform because of its great economic potential.

He referred to the numbers that Wajackoyah has flaunted and said they made sense.

“We are asking him to consider in the next dispensation, for medicinal purposes because the numbers Wajackoyah is giving are making sense,” Murathe said.

Wajackoyah has hinged his campaigns on the promise that he will legalise marijuana and invest in snake farming.