A 39-year-old woman was mauled to death on Monday morning by her employer’s dog in Moriema area in the coastal town of Malindi.

The woman identified as Roselyn Nafuna was a house-help at the household where she met her grisly demise.

She was attacked by the South African Boerboel canine, which is known for its heavy muscle development and strong jaws, while she opened the door leading to the porch.

The night guard at the home heard Nafuna’s screams for help and rushed to the scene.

He restrained the dog before going back to help Nafula from the floor where she was lying.

According to the guard named John Siria, Nafuna said assured him that she was feeling fine and would go back to the house by herself.

However, when the day guard reported for duty, he found the lifeless body of Nafuna lying on the floor.

He immediately alerted the authorities, and the Malindi-based detectives were among the first people who responded to the incident.

They established that the body of the deceased had bite marks that only compared to a dog’s bites.

An immediate investigation into the incident was launched as the body of the deceased was moved to The Star Hospital Mortuary awaiting autopsy.