Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has emphasised the importance of unity of the people of Kenya under his Azimio la Umoja movement ahead of the August general election.

Raila was speaking during a luncheon held by Mount Kenya Foundation (MKF) and the leaders of the Maa community in Nairobi on Tuesday.

He reiterated the unity of all Kenyans is the foundation to the growth and development of Kenya and Azimio la Umoja is the nation’s declaration on unity.

“This is Kenya’s declaration of unity, let the people of Kenya unite; it is the basis of our growth and development,” Raila said.

The ODM leader likened his call for unity to that of Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor and founder of the German empire.

Raila urged all teams to come together under Azimio la Umoja banner and support the ideology.

“Let all the teams come together and rally behind one ideology…Azimio la Umoja is like the cardinal call of Otto von Bismarck to the German people,” Raila said.

The former premier also emphasised the importance of the unification of all tribes in Kenya by treating one another with the same respect and appreciating one another.

"Let us be proud to be a Maasi or any other tribe without thinking of yourself better than the other person. We want to form a united country where every person appreciates the other," said Raila.

On economic matters, Raila pledged to push Kenya’s economy to the next level should he be elected president.

He said his administration will make the country great again by focusing on urbanizing the economy and the manufacturing sector. He said Kenya will reclaim her position among other known manufacturers across the world.

“We want to make this country great by transforming the economy. We will become manufacturers and Kenya will be able to reclaim its position,” said Raila.

On the sports front, Raila assured Kenyans that Kenya will take part in both the Africa Cup of Nations and the World Cup international football events.

“Next year, Kenya will be in Africa Cup of Nations and in the World Cup,” the ODM leader said.