Former Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende has joined the Democratic Action Party-Kenya DAP-K.

Marende proclaimed his entry into the party on Monday during the party’s presser at Chui House.

He explained that his decision to part ways and join ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi’s move to work together with Deputy President William Ruto and his UDA party informed DAP.

He said Mudavadi’s move was reckless and he likened it to the actions of a suicide bomber.

‘As a matter of fact, to me it is so reckless that I think my brother Musalia just acted in a manner typical of a suicide bomber. He threw a bomb but did not realise that that bomb was wired to him. So my brother Musalia has blown himself up. We shall leave him in the past because indeed we must take this country forward, Marende said.

Marende wondered how Mudavadi shall deliver on a reformed and revitalised economy while keeping the wrong company. 

“If you are going to be development conscious deliver on an economy that is reformed, that is revitalized, indeed as my brother Musalia speaks, then you must have the right company and I'm afraid that from yesterday, I see an act of betrayal,” Marende said.

Marende said Mudavadi has gone to bed with the wrong company and his DNA is not at par with the company Mudavadi sought as he is not compatible with the ideologies of the outfit.

“He has gone to bed with the wrong company and my DNA does not agree with that company. We are not compatible and so from yesterday I and Mudavadi, on the political front, part company,” Mudavadi said.

Marende said Mudavadi did not speak on behalf of himself, the people of Vihiga, the people of Western Kenya or Kenyans.

“He did not speak for the people of Vihiga, he did not speak for the people of Western Kenya and least of all he didn’t speak for Kenyans and so we will part ways and do what is right. You cannot do what is right if you act on what is wrong,” the former speaker said.

Marende added that the newfound company Mudavadi wants to keep is wanting and void of capacity to guarantee a progressive Kenya.

"I have worked with Hon. Musalia in parliament. I have also worked with the company that he wants to keep and I am afraid, going by the record that I have which is authoritative, that company is completely wanting. It has no capacity to give us a progressive Kenya," he said.

Marende revealed that they had cautioned Mudavadi against making the move he made on Sunday.