Residents of Gatundu town were treated to a shocking incident on Thursday when two gang stars opened fire outside Gatundu Law Courts.

The incident happened at around 10:00 am when members of the public were just going about their business.

The thugs targeted two men who have been identified as siblings.

According to eyewitnesses, the criminals arrived on a boda-boda motorbike with two pillion passengers and pulled over outside the court.

The thugs both pulled out two pistols and opened fire at two men who had just left the courtroom.

After executing their daring attack, the thugs escaped without a trace on their getaway motorcycle whose number plate was concealed.

The victims had just left the courtroom for a mention of their case in which someone accused them of stealing some farm produce.

Apparently, the victims were brothers and they suffered gunshot injuries on their chest, shoulders, legs and hands.

They were immediately rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

Kiambu based Scene of Crime detectives arrived at the scene of the crime and recovered 5 spent cartridges.

Meanwhile, a special team of detectives was charged to pursue the suspects and are hoping to bring the thugs to book.