The Law Society of Kenya (LSK), LSK president Nelson Havi and former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga have moved to court to compel the court to issue orders to allow the controversial lawyer and revolutionary Miguna Miguna’s return to the country.

Miguna who was en route to Kenya was informed by Air France airline that there was a red alert against him, therefore, did not allow him to board their plane to Kenya.

During a presser held on Wednesday, Havi expressed their lack of amusement by the government’s move to issue red alerts barring Miguna from boarding a plane to Kenya.

Havi noted the Attorney General said there were no red alerts during a petition filed at the High Court.

"It must annoy us because when we were before the High Court, the Attorney General through his representative affirmatively that there were no red alerts," Havi said.

Havi said the French airline indicated should there be any red alerts, then it is only the Kenyan government can remove them.

Havi said they are back to court to seek orders that will grant Miguna passage and allow him to come into the country.

"Now Moving forward we have gone back to court and sought out raft of court orders which if granted should enable Air France and the Government of Republic of Kenya to comply with those orders to allow Miguna Miguna back to the country," he added.

He challenged the political leaders to address the matter of upholding the constitution during their campaigns.

"It cannot be the order of the day that you will go to the rise every Friday and Saturday to talk about the economic model. Yet no leader wants to talk about upholding the constitution," Havi said.

Willy Mutunga added they will not relent in their defence to uphold the rights of all Kenyans. 

The former CJ asserted the AG misled the court and the airline should be the last airline to take heed of illegal alerts.

"We assure Kenyans that we will not relent in our defence for upholding the rights of all Kenyans... The AG misinformed the courts of law... Air France should be the last airline to respond to illegal alerts," said Mutunga.