PS Karanja Kibicho has assured Kenyans that the authorities will apprehend the three terror suspects who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison earlier this week.

Kibicho was addressing journalists after a meeting with national government administration officers in during his tour of Kitui County.

He acknowledged that indeed it was a folly by the officers that the suspects escaped and action would be talken against those involved. 

“There was laxity on the part of our officers, but what truly happened we all agree that this is a serious matter. It is a matter that is under investigation. We stop a lot of speculation,” Kibicho said.

He also reiterated that there is a special security team that is on the ground pursuing the escaped terror suspects and assured the public that they will soon be nabbed.

“The three terrorist convicts who escaped. The CS, you heard him say, and it’s true. The special units of our police and intelligence are in hot pursuit. We shall get them. I think there is no reason to panic. We shall get them,” he added.

The three terror convicts managed to escape from Kamiti Maximum Prison on Monday in what has left many baffled and asking serious questions.