A phone snatcher was saved from the jaws of death after an irate mob descended on him in Nairobi.

Apparently, the 21-year-old thief identified as Kelvin Kamau had snatched a phone from a lady victim along Murang’a Road in Nairobi.

He had boarded a boda-boda from which he launched his mission, as the lady was still speaking on the phone in the ride by style.

Upon realising that her phone had been snatched, the lady raised an alarm that caught the attention of members of the public who were nearby.

She hysterically pointed towards the boda-boda the miscreant had hailed and immediately the gathering mob understood her predicament.

The boda-boda was stopped in its tracks by the mob and they immediately seized Kelvin.

They descended on him with slaps, blows and kicks whose sounds drew the attention of Parklands Police Station based police officers who were nearby of their duty.

The police officers quickly intervened and rescued Kelvin from the irate mob and cautioned the public against taking the law into their own hands rather than allowing the justice system to perform its mandate.

Kelvin was rushed to a city hospital where he is nursing serious injuries and is recovering as he awaits to be arraigned in court for his crime.

The phone that he snatched from the victim was recovered and returned to the owner.

There is a rising trend in the capital where ride-by thieves snatch phones from unsuspecting victims.

A similar incident occurred along Jogoo road just a week ago but unfortunately, the thieves were not lucky enough as an angry mob in Buruburu lynched them.