A man met his gruesome death in Nambale town after an irate mob descended on him.

The man was found attempting to enrich himself by selling a chicken together with her five chicks that were believed to have been stolen.

The young man aged 22 identified as Collins Omieno was faced with the task of proving that he indeed owned the chicken but unfortunately he could not.

Unfortunately for him, word came by that some chicken had mysteriously disappeared earlier from a nearby centre.

Omieno seems to have realized that he would soon have run out of time and decided to dash from the scene to safety.

As the fellow scampered to save his life, a mob of irate individuals was hot on his heels wanting to mete instant justice on him.

He ran for about two kilometres before his lungs gave up and the mob caught up with him within the grounds of a cotton ginnery.

The mob descended on Omieno, no holds barred, with all forms of objects to accompany the blows and kicks they meted no him until he gave up the ghost.

Police urged members of the public to exercise some restraint when it comes to dealing with suspects and TO desist from applying jungle justice.

They advised members of the public to report such cases to law enforcement officers to allow for due process to be followed.