Orange Democratic Movement’s presidential hopeful Jimmy Wanjigi has narrowly escaped being stoned in Migori.

Wanjigi who was on a tour of the Nyanza region to popularize his presidential bid almost got injured by rowdy youth in Migori.

A section of local politicians and rowdy youth showed up and disrupted Wanjigi's meeting in which he was addressing the area residents.

Things seemed to have been moving on swiftly for Wanjigi until he asked crowd to respond to the ODM salute with his campaign slogan “Fagia Wote” loosely translating to "Sweep them all"

The slogan that basically calls for sending old guard politicians home including ODM leader Raila Odinga, angered the youth who started pelting stony missiles towards Wanjigi who was addressing them from the sunroof of his car.

Wanjigi sensed the looming trouble after the sudden change of moods and quickly ducked into his vehicle.

Migori County is one of the regions that Raila is believed to enjoy a massive following.

Many Kenyans have condemned the incident and termed it an unfortunate case of political intolerance.

Wanjigi is seeking to run for the presidency on the ODM ticket. He said it is healthy competition for both him and Raila to run for the presidency on ODM ticket and whoever will win the nomination will become the party’s flag bearer.

“It is a healthy competition, they both want to run for the presidency using ODM. Whoever will be chosen as a flag bearer is well and good,” said Wanjigi.