The president of Malawi Lazarus Chakwera has travelled 7000 miles with his 10-person entourage to the United Kingdom (UK) for a virtual conference.

Chakwera travelled to the UK to attend the Global Education Summit being co-hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He justified his trip to the UK citing poor internet connection in Malawi.

Chakwera’s 10-person entourage include the First Lady of Malawi Monica Chakwera, their son-in-law Sean Kampondeni (the State House director of communications) and Chakwera’s eldest daughter Violet Lillie Chakwera who went in place of the Foreign Affairs Minister.


Chakwera was criticized for tagging his family along for a trip that was not meant to happen in the first place.

In his defence, the president said his wife was under the weather and he needed his daughter to provide him with physical and moral support since his wife was not feeling well.

According to Chakwera’s spokesperson, the entourage was limited and was actually downsized from 60 individuals.


The 66-year-old Pentecostal pastor was feted when he took over power last year from Peter Mutharika following the court ruling in his favour saying the elections were marred with electoral fraud on Mutharika’s side.

He has since appointed his family members to lucrative government positions