The police have formed a multi-agency team to tackle the rising cases of crime within the city and its environs.

The Nairobi County Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi announced the formation of the task force that draws several officers from various agencies within the force.

Officers from the General Service Unit, Regular Police, CIPU, Prisons, Plain clothes and more have been will be mobilized when the need arises to protect the public from criminals.

Nthumbi said that several officers have been deployed everywhere to deal with the crimes perpetrated within the city and restore the security levels.

The special team includes plain cloth police officers who are expected to restore the sanity of the city within a short time.

Nthumbi also intimated that the police have cast their net wider to curb the instances of kidnapping instances in Nairobi.

In his address, Nthumbi sounded a warning to the boda boda riders to dissociate themselves from any criminal activities. 

He also urged the public to assist in the fight against crime by cooperating with the security personnel deployed to tackle the security menace.

Nthumbi reassured that all was well and the heavy presence of the police officer should not scare them.

"Don't be scared if you come across many uniformed and non-uniformed officers on the streets of Nairobi. They have been deployed to protect you from muggings,robberies and other crimes that have increasingly been reported within the CBD," said Nthumbi.

This announcement comes after a section of Nairobi residents took to social media to complain about the spate of crime within the city even in broad daylight.

The crimes most Nairobians reported include car vandalism, muggings and attacks.

One such broad daylight criminal incident involved a renowned media personality and KBC news anchor Shiksha Arora who was attacked and robbed by thugs in busy Nairobi traffic at the Globe roundabout flyover.

Another video also emerged showing a thug snatching a phone from a customer patiently waiting for their order in a restaurant, and the thug fleeing the scene.