Police have launched an investigation after one of their colleagues was attacked and his right ear bitten off by a woman he had stopped for violating curfew orders.

The police officer is scheduled for an emergency reconstructive surgery after his ear was severed by the irate woman.

The woman is reported to have been found outside during the 8pm-4am daily curfew on Saturday night when the cop stopped her to enquire why she was outside at the late hours.

The sergeant was heading to the Bypass Patrol Base in Lang’ata at around 8pm when he met the said unidentified woman.

“An exchange of words ensued where the furious lady jumped up and held the officer’s head firmly then bit his right ear cutting it off completely,” said a police report on the incident.

The report was filed under OB number 02/04/04/2021 and indicated that on realising what she had done, the said woman fled towards a river that borders Lang’ata and Kibera.

The injured officer is said to have headed to Nairobi West Hospital carrying his severed ear lobe, was admitted and is scheduled to undergo a reconstructive surgery to repair his ear.