Senator Millicent Omanga on Monday caused a stir and brought business to a standstill at the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) offices in Nairobi while responding to summons over by-election chaos.  

The nominated senator had responded to summons by NCIC but confronted the commissioners complaining that she had been kept waiting at the offices for too long. 

Omanga is among 10 MPs who were summoned by NCIC over allegations that they fueled the political violence witnesses in the Thursday mini polls in Matungu and Kabuchai constituencies. 

The lawmaker arrived at the commission headquarters at 11am and stormed into boardroom after an hour as Kasipul MP Charles Were, who arrived before her, was being interrogated. 

She complained bitterly that she had been summoned to appear before NCIC at 11am yet was kept waiting until noon and felt that each lawmaker should have been allocated their time slot. 

“If you told me 12pm I would have come here at 12pm. But you told me 11am. So, if you knew you were taking an hour or two for every member, you should have calculated and given me my time. It is so unfair,” Omanga ranted. 

Lawmakers Feisal Bader of Msambweni, Benjamin Washiali of Mumias East and Chris Wamalwa of Kiminini have also honoured the summons to appear before the commission over the chaos.