A man is nursing life-threatening wounds and holding on to his dear life at the Bungoma County and Referral Hospital after a furious mob descended on him with heavy blows, kicks and all manner of projectiles.

The man almost met his death on Wednesday morning following a botched robbery mission at a house of a lady identified as Zipporah Masika.

Zipporah was preparing to take her morning bath and was on her way to the bathroom carrying a basin of hot water when she happened in on the suspect carrying her mobile phone and other valuables he had stolen from her house.

Upon realising he was caught in the act, the suspect tried to shove Zipporah out of his way and make his escape.

However, Zipporah was quick and emptied the basin of hot water on the suspect’s face and immediately raised the alarm as she ran towards her main door.

The suspect also wailed from the excruciating pain caused by the hot water that scalded his face as their noise drew the attention of the sleepy Tuuti village and its environs.

Villagers responded in their numbers and once they learnt what had transpired, they mitted instant justice on the suspect, disregarding the law that required he be apprehended and taken to court.

The criminal pleaded with the crowd for clemency, but his pleas fell on deaf ears as the irate crowd proceeded with their mission, which was intent on dispatching the thug to meet his maker.

The police came in time to save the suspect from his imminent death albeit in a very serious condition.

The officers rushed the suspect to Bungoma County and Referral Hospital where he is receiving treatment and fighting for his dear life.

Police urged the members of the public to alert the authorities of any criminal instances to accord suspects fair opportunities in court as the law requires instead of taking the law into their own hands.