Police in Bomet County have launched a manhunt for a suspect who sodomised a 33-year-old drunk man after locking him up for over 10 hours.

The peculiar is reported to have occurred in Mosonik Village of Kyogong location in Chepalungu.

According to reports, the victim was enjoying a drink in the evening with his kin at a local club before he excused himself to use the gents.

Little did he know the suspect identified as Silas had retreated into the shadows in wait to waylay his victim.

While staggering back to the entertainment spot, the suspect waylaid the victim and led him astray some 200 metres away.

The suspect tried to raise an SOS alarm, but unfortunately, his incoherent screams were mistaken as the sounds of a happily drunk person or they were drowned by the thundering sound of the music system that was playing in the entertainment joint.

Once Silas successfully secured his helpless victim in his abode, he sodomised him until the late hours of Tuesday afternoon when a keen passerby whose attention the commotion from Silas’s house drew came to the victim’s rescue.

The victim was rescued and immediately rushed to Longisa County and Referral Hospital where he received treatment and had some necessary tests conducted.

Meanwhile, Silas had already fled from his home and police immediately launched his manhunt.

The police are appealing to the members of the public to volunteer information that may lead to the arrest of Silas should they have any.