Staff at the AAR Hospital along Kiambu Road in Nairobi have their hearts in their mouths as another round of layoffs is looming.

Tension has been running high at the health institution since the first batch of employees was rendered jobless in a restructuring move that involved downsizing of staff.

Reliable sources at the establishment have confirmed to Swala Nyeti that the axe will once again fall on some more staff members.

“This Friday, it's expected the HR Stephen Olieka will be calling a few more individuals to dismiss them. Our thoughts and prayers to the affected,” the source said.

This comes even as the already staff-chocked facility is organising a free orthopaedic camp over the weekend at the hospital grounds from 9 pm - 2 pm.

In the most recent round of layoffs, two staff members working at the hospital’s front office have lost their jobs as well as some nurses working at the institution.

Services in the outpatient department have been affected adversely by the recent developments and are now reported to be sluggish.

According to the source, the resident physician only identified as Dr. Miriam has also been shown the door.

“We are also reliably Dr.Miriam a resident physician has been sacked too,” the source said.

Unfortunately, the nurses’ sacking has affected the hospital’s ICU department and has left it in a quagmire since the remaining nurses are in panic mode, uncertain about their future.

“The ICU a very critical unit has been affected with the nurses sent packing as the rest panic. It's safe to say, this is the worst time to visit AAR hospital as a patient, you will be served by professionals who are at the mercy of anxiety,” the source said.

“So many things could go wrong.”

The source said the facility now mulls to merge departments in the restructuring move which could also see other employees lose their jobs.

The facility's failure to achieve its financial projections occasioned the current situation and therefore rendered it unable to meet its obligations such as paying salaries to its staff.