DCI detectives on Thursday afternoon gunned down a notorious thug who had been terrorising residents of Ruai and its environs.

The fallen thug was believed to be the leader of a Ruai-based criminal gang behind the recent spate of armed crime in the area.

Apparently, the thug identified as Paul Muriithi Naomi, alias Muruthi, was on the police radar for the past few months.

Detectives who were working on intel traced Muruthi to his rented house in the Githunguri.

However, when Muruthi caught wind that the detectives were upon him, he got himself prepared not to go without a fight.

He shot at the detectives through the window of his house.

Little did he know that his ambush was meticulously planned as an advance party was already in the area in the form of a ‘mare mare’ merchant who walks through estates hawking household items such as basins, laundry baskets and utensils racks.

The detective posing as a ‘mare mare’ merchant knocked on Muruthi’s door to inquire if he wanted his ware. 

Muruthi quickly dismissed him and asked him never to return to his house ever again.

Moments later, the detectives knocked, introduced themselves and requested for an audience with the thug, but instead of complying, he responded with fire, shooting at the officers from a window. A shootout then ensued as the detectives responded to the provocation with precision.

It took the experienced thug busters a few moments to subdue Muruthi and gain access to his house, where his lifeless body riddled with bullets lay on the floor.

The detectives recovered a Ceska pistol loaded with four rounds of ammunition.

Crime scene detectives also recovered 11 spent cartridges and processed the scene.

Preliminary investigations established that the pistol previously belonged to a civilian firearm holder before it was violently acquired from them in an incident that also took the civilian back about Sh500,000 in valuables that were also stolen.

Muruthi’s body was later moved to City Mortuary.