The Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has retaliated against the church for trying to discourage Kenyans from electing him in the August general election.

Wajackoyah was speaking outside the Kenya Wildlife Service Headquarters where he was expected to preside over issuing licenses for snake farming when he accused the clergy who are criticising him of being involved in various scandals.

He said they have not yet read his manifesto and therefore cannot purport to know more about his business.

“Some bishops have been found in bushes sleeping recklessly, and instead of facing judgement, they are here trying to incite Kenyans. They have not read our manifesto. They only went straight into smoking of marijuana. Tell those men of God that it is time they realise that Kenya doesn’t belong to them,” Wajackoyah said.

Wajackoya advised the church to focus on creating employment for the youth instead of castigating him lest they face rebellion from the youth.

He also accused the church of receiving proceeds from corrupt leaders, yet they cannot even offer shelter for the homeless and the poor.

“These churches don’t provide jobs for the youth, and instead of offering a place to sleep for the homeless and the poor, they are here telling Professor Wajackoyah that they denounce him. Let the church know that it has a duty to pray for people like me, so that if I’m insane, I can become sane. But they have no right to lecture me about what the Kenyan needs are,” Wajackoyah said.

In the same breath, the Roots Party leaders lauded the Catholic Church of Kenya for its efforts in the fight against poverty and illiteracy.

However, he warned them against discrediting him, saying if they started the campaigns against him, Kenyans supporting him would boycott the churches.

“I am speaking about the few pastors. The Catholic Church has done very well in this country. It has tried to eradicate poverty, and to educate. But if they start this campaign of discrediting Wajackoyah, I want all Kenyans who listen to us and want to chart our future to boycott those churches until they say otherwise,” he said.

Wajackoyah was responding to Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria who termed his manifesto unethical because they seek to promote the use of drugs.

Archbishop Anthony Muheria. PHOTO/COURTESY

“Unethical manifestos contained among others, liberalization and promotion of drug use,” Muheria said.

Muheria urged Kenyans to interrogate the leaders by looking at their statements and what they stand for.