Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has announced it will start operationalization of the Green Park Bus Terminal albeit on a two-phased trial run.

NMS Director of Transport Michael Ochieng’ said that during a stakeholders meeting he chaired on Thursday.

Michael Ochieng’. PHOTO/COURTESY

“We will start the operation of the Green Park Bus Terminus this month, and we will start it in two phases. These phases will be trial runs, not the main commissioning, but you will be trial runs,” Ochieng’ said.

The meeting involved discussions with PSV operators on final preparations for the commissioning of the terminal.

Ochieng said the trial run exercise will begin on Wednesday, with the first phase involving PSVs terminating at Railways and the second phase involving PSVs plying Ngong Road and Langata Road. 

“For a start, all vehicles in the railway station will operate on a trial ran basis. They will start their operation here from 5 o’clock in the morning,” he said.

According to Ochieng, enforcement officers will also be part of the exercise to ensure a seamless flow of traffic.

“Other team will be positioning themselves now at the correct positions and to do the practice what they used to call in military rehearsal,” Ochieng’ said.

Ochieng’ further said NMS was expecting a seamless flow of services for both customers and operators during the trial run.

“We expect that there should be seamless flow both from customers and the both to the operators. When we complete trials, we will go for an appropriate date for official commissioning. Most likely, it will be continuous,” he said.

The Green Park Bus Terminal was scheduled to begin operations on May 24, 2022. However, the operationalization of the terminal was postponed indefinitely following a request from PSV operators for an extension of time.