Police have revealed the faces of 12 women said to be accomplices of Samuel Mugo who was shot dead in Mirema, Nairobi and has been linked to a “mchele” criminal syndicate.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) revealed the names of three of the said Mugo drugging accomplices and revealed that the other suspects had fled Nairobi to their villages.

The three arrested and identified are Esther Wangari Ndungu from Githunguri in Kiambu County, Victoria Wanjiku Thuku from Kangema is in Murang’a County, Florence Wanjiru Njoroge from Rurii in Nyandarua County.

According to shocking revelations by DCI, Mugo built his business empire including real estate from proceeds of crime, which included targeting, drugging then robbing patrons.

“The babes who are experts in stupefying revelers at popular drinking spots mainly target middle-aged to older men whom they suspect to have fat bank accounts,” DCI said.

It added, “Going by the brands of the drinks one has ordered to how one is dressed, they can easily pick out a ‘Mubaba’ with a good bank balance, from a crowd of revelers.”

DCI said most of the women had been arrested before but Mugo rushed to their rescue by approaching complainants and refunding them cash they had lost to the gang to withdraw charges.

However, most of the drugging cases went unreported as the drugged men, most married or prominent persons, preferred to have their skeletons remain in the closets indefinitely.

Detectives further revealed that Mugo’s daring shooting dead at Mirema in Kasarani resulted from a bitter fallout with his fugitive second in command leaving the gang headless.

DCI is now warning bar owners to be on the lookout for suspicious women who are out to spike drinks of monied revellers in city clubs and report such to the authorities immediately.