Trouble is looming in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance following the entry of Machakos Governor Alfred into the formation.

This comes after Chairperson UDA Johnson Muthama rekindled their long-standing rivalry with Mutua.

Muthama explained his absence from the Kenya Kwanza rally held on Tuesday in Tala, Machakos County was informed by the fact they can not share a platform with Mutua.

“I decided not to attend yesterday’s meeting because of something. First of all, Mutua and I have some personal disputes. It is a leadership dispute,” Muthama said.

He criticised Mutua for making empty promises to the Machakos County residents and taking credit for unavailable projects.

While putting Mutua to task, Muthama said the governor went around Machakos county pledging we would improve the livelihoods of the county’s residents when he assumed office but has delivered not of his promises.

"Mutua went around claiming he has supplied Machakos residents with water, but he has supplied no water and nobody knows where the money that was set aside for the project is. He said he will construct water dams but ha has not constructed any," Muthama said.

Muthama also accused Mutua of lying about buying tractors to help farmers, improve security and provide housing for police officers.

"He announced he had purchased tractors to assist farmers but nobody had enjoyed his farm being ploughed by the same. The police housing project is yet to start. He has not installed the CCTV cameras for security," Muthama said.

Muthama however said even though they have political differences with Mutua, he welcomes the idea of him joining the Kenya Kwanza Alliance and supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid.

“I welcome Mutua joining us just like a Kenyan who has decided to join UDA. My association with UDA under Kenya Kwanza is like the other parties and I do not see any big issue because of that,” Muthama said.

"The issue is not coming into Kenya Kwanza, he has the permission to campaign for the deputy president and vote for him but personally as Muthama, I will say it is not yet time to enjoy a cup of tea with Mutua nor campaign together with him," the senator said.

However, Muthama indicated he was ready to bury the hatchet with Mutua as long as he owns up to his mistakes.

"If we sit with him and dialogue and he accepts to go before the people of Machakos and admit that all these are truths and ask for forgiveness, I will walk with Mutua," Muthama said.