The government has suspended the nationwide crackdown on boda boda operators, which was ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The crackdown was ordered following the sexual assault by a group of boda boda operators against a female motorist along Forest Road.

Through its spokesperson Bruno Shioso, the National Police Service (NPS) issued a statement on Saturday lifting the crackdown.

According to the NPS, the government suspended the operation to allow the multi-sectoral committee coordinating it to develop a suitable implementation framework.

“To effectively coordinate the implementation of the exercise with minimum disruptions to services offered by compliant Boda Boda operators, the Government has suspended the operation. This will allow the multisectoral committee coordinating it to develop a suitable implementation framework,” NPS said.

However, the suspension of boda boda operators plying in Nairobi remains in force.

“This suspension SHALL NOT apply to the Nairobi CBD where the ban remains in force,” NPS said.

Apart from the crackdown on boda boda operators, Uhuru also ordered a fresh registration exercise of all boda boda operators in the entire country.

The suspension comes after a public outcry of how police are harassing boda boda operators.

Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate asked the police to stop harassing boda boda operators because not all of them were involved in the assault case.