Chief Justice Martha Koome now wants judges to review sentences of reformed convicts and release them to community service in a bid to decongest Kenyan prison facilities.

Speaking during the annual High Court leaders' conference on Monday, Koome appealed to the resident and presiding magistrates to visit various prisons in Kenya for the purpose of reviewing inmate files to establish which prisoners are eligible for community service.

"All the resident and presiding judges across all stations should visit prisons and see how you decongest the prisons, review the sentences and look at those with good conduct and are eligible to do community service," Koome said.

During the conference, the priority of cases and backlog reduction strategies were discussed. Koome emphasised the importance of expedited justice delivery. She suggested no cases should stay on trial for over three years.

She also said no appeal should last over a year.

"We have now set our benchmark for expedited delivery of justice by ensuring that no court stays in a trial court for more than three years, and no more than one year appeal," the CJ said.

Among resolutions that were made out of the conference include the implementation of a full migration to ICT, resolution of ‘missing files problem, improve judicial officers’ welfare and proper court returns.