West Pokot Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo has issued a stern warning to his County Executive Committee Members (CECs) and some of his senior staff for engaging in early political campaigns at the expense of the people who elected them.

“Let me deliver a warning, even though you may want to join politics, this is not the time. You are needed to only serve the people now. those in my government must work toward the realization of my manifesto,” he said.

Lonyangapuo lamented this as he was making changes to his executive, aimed at improving the operations of the county government.

“I have reorganized of my cabinet and chief officers. this is a season of politics. some people want to offer themselves for elections and service delivery in government work must continue” he said.

He has urged members of his cabinet and staff who want to join politics to immediately render their resignation letters.

"But I am telling them, if you no longer need that job, give it back and continue politicking,” he said.

Lonyangapuo has given a directive for all county vehicles to be packed at the parking yard and warned against using the vehicle for private functions.

“No government vehicle should be used beyond the stipulated time. Drivers must ensure our vehicles are packed in the yard by 5.00 PM,” he warned