The Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i and a team of high-level security officials visited the affected areas of Ol Moran, Laikipia.

Their visit comes after the situation escalated to dangerous proportions as bandits ran amock in the area killing people, stealing livestock, torching houses and a school.


Matiang'i was confronted by the grim reality of Ol Moran residents when the bandits launched a daring attack and torched more houses in Dam Samaki Village just a short distance from where he was scheduled to talk to the locals.

The bandits set ablaze seven homes out of which two belonged to National Police Reservists. Luckily, no casualties or injuried were reported from the Friday morning incident as the area residents had fled.


Following the esclating skirmishes in the region, Matiang'i announced the deployment of an elite unit drawn from the General Service Unit (GSU) to join a contigent of other law enforcement officers already on the ground to restore peace and order.

Matiang'i confirmed a GSU training base will be set up in Ol Moran to improve police presence and assist in combating intruders from neighbouring countries as they will act as a buffer zone for the residents of Laikipia.


He also said additional police officers will be deployed to the region and a new police division will be created at Ol Moran.

Matiang'i announced the creation of new administrative units in the conflict prone regions of the country. 

Kirima sub-county was also created by hiving off Ol Moran division from Laikipia West sub-county and hiving off Ng'arua Nyahururu sub-county.


The headquarters for Kirima sub-county are set to be at Ol Moran township. The new administrative units have been created to enhance coordination of the national government's functions and for service delivery. 

“In an effort to enhance coordination of the functions of the National Government, the Interior CS has established a new administrative unit as a service delivery and coordination unit,” Matiangi said.


The Interior CS also said surveyors  will be deployed to the region to help in a bid to resolve land based conflicts and give land titles expeditiously. The surveyors will also give recommendations for lapsed land leases.

He urged the schools and learning institutions to reopen by the coming week and gave assurance of adequate security.

Matiang'i also assured Laikipia residents that the government will return the hundreds that have been displaced by the chaos.


"The government will ensure that hundreds of people displaced from their homes are returned. We will not tolerate criminals destroying private property and displacing Kenyans who rightfully own land in Laikipia," he said.

In the same breath he warned politicians from instigating ethnic violence and said reiterated that stern action will be taken agains such politicians.

"I want to warn politicians who are fuelling the tribal violence that we will deal firmly with you. We won't spare you,” Matiangi warned.

Matiang'i emphasized that the government will not sit back and watch politicians destroy the peace in their selfish pursuits.