Detectives in Kwale County have arrested a man suspected of murdering his wife at the Lunga Lunga border as he was trying to flee the country into Tanzania.

Hammatton Ismael Karisa, alias Ismail Charo Mumba, is suspected to have committed the gruesome murder of his wife earlier in the year after a domestic dispute.

Hammatton is said to have hacked his wife Nehema George to death using a machete and killing her instantly.

Reports say that the two marital discord that prompted Nehema’s move back to her parents’ home in Bamba, Kilifi together with their infant.

The suspect went to Nehema’s home allegedly to try to resolve their marital dispute and have his family back.

The sweet-tongued suspect managed to win the deceased’s heart once again and, oblivious to her husband’s evil scheme, she accepted to return with her husband to their matrimonial home.

The suspect executed his heinous plan less than two hours after taking back his wife, and the lifeless body of Nehema was found just a short distance from the Jila Chief’s camp, lying by the roadside in a pool of blood.

Nehema sustained deep cuts at the back of her head that made her lose a lot of blood from profuse bleeding.

Their one-year-old child was still strapped on the back of the lifeless body of the mother with a leso when they were discovered at about 7:30 pm.

After committing the crime, the suspect went missing and detectives have been on his lookout until a vigilant and concerned member of the public identified him and alerted the authorities.

Detectives based at Ganze wasted no time in acting on the tipoff and apprehended the suspect at the Lunga Lunga border point before crossing into the neighbouring country, Tanzania.

Hammatton is currently being held in police custody waiting to be arraigned in court to answer to murder charges.