Wawira Njiru, the visionary leader behind Food for Education Foundation, has been crowned one of 10 winners in the prestigious Elevate Prize Award.

This recognition celebrates her unwavering commitment to tackling classroom hunger and nourishing the minds of Kenyan schoolchildren.

For 12 years, Njiru's organization has served as a beacon of hope, providing subsidized nutritious meals to primary school children.

This initiative has not only improved child nutrition outcomes but has also taken significant strides towards ending classroom hunger, boosting school attendance, and enhancing academic performance.

In recognition of her impactful work, Njiru has been awarded a transformative Sh48 million (USD300,000) unrestricted grant.

This financial boost, coupled with tailored services in communications, content strategy, branding, social media training, and leadership development, will equip Food for Education with the tools it needs to amplify its reach and deepen its impact.

Joseph Deitch, the founder of the Elevate Prize Foundation, expressed his admiration for Njiru and her fellow winners.

"This year’s winners embody the essence of our foundation’s commitment to pushing boundaries and broadening the impact landscape. These remarkable individuals represent an expanded scope of social change – a pivotal shift in what is expected to be a pivotal year for the world," he stated.

Njiru, overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, shared her heartfelt appreciation.

"Excited and grateful to be named one of this year's Elevate Prize winners alongside other incredible leaders doing amazing work in the world," Njiru said.

"Our commitment at Food4Education to end classroom hunger is why we keep feeding the future."

"No child should have to learn while hungry," she emphatically declared.

Her dedication to nourishing young minds is further reflected in her partnership with the Nairobi County Government to implement the DishiNaCounty initiative, ensuring food for pupils across the county.

Njiru joins a distinguished group of global entrepreneurs, including Zarlasht Halaimzai (Amna), Gayatri Datar (EarthEnable), Sonya Passi (FreeForm), Mpindi Abaas (Media Challenge Initiative), and Melissa Malzkuhn (Motion Light Lab).

Additionally, Daniel Forkkio (Represent Justice), Isabelle Kamariza (Solid'Africa), Sam Bencheghib (Sungai Watch), and Kwan Stewart (Project Street Vet) have been recognized for their groundbreaking work.

This remarkable cohort will convene in Miami for the second annual Make Good Famous Summit in May 2024.

This gathering will provide a platform to explore how media, content, and creative forces can be harnessed to challenge inequitable systems and ignite lasting change.

Njiru's journey is an inspiration to us all. Her unwavering commitment to nourishing young minds demonstrates the power of individual action to create a ripple effect of positive change.

As she embarks on this exciting new chapter, supported by the Elevate Prize, we can all be certain that her impact will continue to grow, ensuring that no child learns hungry and every future is bright.