Outrage gripped Multimedia University students in Ongata Rongai on Tuesday, leading them to shut down Magadi Road in protest against a hyena attack on a fellow student the previous evening.

The incident, which left the student and a rescuer injured, highlighted growing concerns about wildlife activity in the area.

Kelvin Mwenda, 21, was reportedly walking along Maasai Lodge Road at 8 pm on Monday when he was attacked by a hyena.

A local resident, Stephen, bravely intervened to help Mwenda but also sustained severe injuries after losing one thumb during the harrowing encounter.

Both were rushed to Wama Hospital for treatment.

News of the attack sparked immediate anger among students who viewed it as a reflection of inadequate measures taken by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to ensure their safety.

Taking to the road, they barricaded the busy Magadi Road with burning tyres and stones while engaging police in running battles, demanding answers and action from KWS.

"We are tired of living in fear of these wild animals," declared a student.

"KWS needs to take concrete steps to address this issue before another tragedy occurs."

The protests caused significant traffic disruptions throughout the morning, but were eventually dispersed after the authorities arrived at the scene to engage with the students and assure them of their commitment to addressing the wildlife menace.

While the immediate situation calmed down, the underlying concerns about hyena activity remain.

KWS now faces the crucial task of implementing effective measures to mitigate the threat and regain the trust of the local community.

Only then can students like Kelvin Mwenda walk the streets of Ongata Rongai without fear of encountering a predator in the shadows.