Kisumu County played host to the launch of the 2024 Live Free Art Competition, an annual event organised by Jubilee Life Insurance.

This initiative underscores the company's firm commitment to nurturing artistic talent and supporting education across Kenya.

Now in its fourth year, the competition has witnessed a steady increase in participation. Last year, over 10,000 students from nearly 300 schools across 19 counties participated.

This year, Jubilee Life Insurance anticipates a record-breaking 15,000 submissions from budding artists between Grades 1 and 4 enrolled in the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

The most exceptional entries will be rewarded with life-changing scholarships – ten top winners will receive full high school education valued at a staggering Sh3 million.

The launch coincides with a burgeoning global phenomenon: the rise of the creative economy.

This sector, encompassing art, design, media, and entertainment, plays an increasingly recognised role in driving economic growth, job creation, and innovation.

It also fosters cultural enrichment and contributes to sustainable development, as highlighted in the 2023 Economic Survey.

The report indicates that Kenya's creative sector contributes 5 per cent to the national GDP and employs approximately 25 per cent of the workforce.

Investing in this area presents a clear pathway towards sustainable development and economic prosperity.

Asman Mugambi, CEO of Jubilee Life Insurance, addressed the gathering, emphasising the growing appreciation for art and the multifaceted impact of the Live Free Art Competition.

"We are now in the fourth year since we launched this competition. It has been a heartening experience discovering the incredible talent and creativity among our children," Mugambi stated.

"Jubilee Life Insurance will continue to champion this initiative as we rally pupils, parents, teachers and all other education stakeholders to support and encourage these budding artists."

The competition offers a platform for young artists to showcase their artistic prowess through original works in various mediums – painting, drawing, collage, or mixed media.

Participants have the freedom to express themselves using watercolors, coloured pencils, crayons, charcoal, ink, or any readily available materials.

The Ministry of Education echoed its unwavering support for fostering creativity among students.

Lawrence Karuntimi, Nyanza Regional Education Director, highlighted the integration of creative elements within the CBC curriculum, recognising the arts as essential for developing well-rounded individuals.

"We are excited to see corporates such as Jubilee Life allocate their resources to drive awareness on the role of art in promoting self-sufficiency," he said.

"This initiative not only celebrates artistic prowess but also aligns with the Ministry’s vision of fostering an integrated approach to learning that nurtures the diverse talents of our students."

Expressing their enthusiasm, Victoria Primary School Headteacher Edward Omala commended Jubilee Life Insurance for creating this exceptional opportunity.

According to Omala, the competition provides a platform for aspiring artists across Kenya to showcase their talents and vie for recognition.

“We are excited to participate in this year’s participation. We commend Jubilee Life Insurance for creating such a significant opportunity for pupils across Kenya to participate and excel in this inspiring competition," Omala said.

The deadline for submissions is September 20th, 2024. All artworks can be hand-delivered or couriered to Jubilee Insurance's head office. The glittering awards ceremony is scheduled for November 15th, 2024.