The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has recalled all accreditation cards it had issued to both local and foreign journalists allowing them to practice their journalism craft within Kenya.

According to MCK, the move is aimed at containing an influx in the number of fraudsters who have been posing as journalists and extorting a number of news sources in Kenya.

The media regulatory body says it will issue to scribes new Press Cards that will have extra features, including a barcode and QR code that can be scanned using any smartphone.

MCK has also clarified that all the Press Cards for this year which had been issued before January 26, 2023, will have to be reissued no extra costs to the affected journalists.

“All those in possession of the cards will be required to apply or renew again and return the old Press Cards before being issued with the new card,” MCK said in a statement.

News sources have over the years been complaining about being extorted by quack journalists, some who have valid Press Card and others masquerading with fake badges.

This is the latest attempt by MCK headed by CEO David Omwoyo to deal with the influx of quacks who have on many occasions caused ugly scenes demanding cash from newsmakers.