Media personality and influencer Janet Mbugua was unable to hold in her elation after she was invited to State House, Nairobi to present her book to First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Janet termed it an honor to present a copy of her book My First Time to the First Lady, who also shared a few of her thoughts in the book published by Longhorn Publishers.

“It was an honor being invited to Statehouse to present a copy of my book, My First Time, to Her Excellency The First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta, who shares her message in the book as well,” Janet said.

Her My First Time addresses hurdles young girls face in dealing with the stigma surrounding their monthly periods and demands justice for girls as they deal with their menstruation.

“My First Time aims to challenge period stigma, raise awareness on period inclusivity and make a case for Menstrual Justice, through the varied and diverse stories of first accounts featured in the publication,” she explained.

She added that she would soon avail more information on the availability of the book.

“Thank you all for continuing to engage on the need to uphold human rights and for supporting the project. I’ll share an update on the books soon and you can listen to the podcast at the link in my bio.

“It was also amazing standing alongside the WEMA Centre family whose inspiring work I witnessed during my childhood as well as meet the beneficiaries of a scholarship program at Brookhouse Schools.”

Janet was accompanied to the event at State House by his father.

“I carried storytellers and champions in to the room with me, honoring the work they continue to carry out in their spaces, all geared towards Menstrual Equity. Dad accompanied me as well which was great!” she concluded.

The former Citizen TV news anchor is an ambassador for period justice and is set to return to tv with her own talk show, Rewrite Her Story, set to air on Sundays 6pm.

The show will focus on issues on gender equality and children.