The Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has directed that all public schools use projectors for learning purposes instead of having pupils print the learning materials.

Magoha issued the directive in a bit to cut the cost of learning for parents who are already burdened by the current economic tough times.

The CS was speaking during a breakfast meeting with Education stakeholders to discuss the concerns raised over the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) that currently facing opposition.

Magoha’s directive might come as a relief to a section of parents that has complained about the financial implications that come with the CBC. 

Parents are expected to download and print learning materials for their children to take to school, as some assignments require the pupils to do so. 

However, this leaves children from the less fortunate families or rural areas rather disadvantaged.

Most of them have limited resources and more often than not, have no access to the necessary equipment such as computers and printers.

Julius Jwan, the Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education, emphasized teachers are expected to use readily available materials within their surroundings for teaching to deliver CBC.