Parents with students in secondary schools can not breathe a sigh of relief after the Ministry of Education directed all principals in public secondary schools to refund excess fees.

This comes after a section of parents complained as the students reported back to school for their first term earlier in the month.

Any fees collected in excess of the revised structure regulated by the ministry should either be refunded or carried forward as payment for continuing students.

“Any fees collected above the revised guidelines be refunded or treated as prepayment of fees for continuing students,” read the circular.

The ministry issued the directive in circular directed to all county and sub-county schools.

Teachers were also warned against sending students home over unpaid illegal fees.

“No child will be sent away for non-payment of such fees,” the circular read in part.

The government recently reduced the fees for secondary education because of the shortness of the 2021 school calendar slightly lifting some weight off the shoulders of the parents.

In the revised structure for boarding schools, the National schools will only pay Sh45,054 less Sh8,500 while the Extra County schools will pay Sh35,035 less Sh5,500.

Schools that need to charge any amounts above the stipulated fees require written authorization from the Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha.

Parents have expressed fears that defiant heads of schools will ignore Magoha's directive, as they have done to some previous ones.

County and sub-county directors of education are instructed to report any Board of Management or institution charging the illegal fees to the Principal Secretary for disciplinary action to be taken.