Renowned DJ Joe Mfalme, along with five others, has been absolved of accusations surrounding the death of Kabete police detective Felix Kitosi Kelian.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) announced the decision on Monday, marking a significant turn in the legal proceedings.

During the court session held at Kibera Law Courts on Monday, the DPP moved to drop murder charges against Mfalme and five co-accused individuals.

Instead, the DPP recommended them as state witnesses in the ongoing investigation into Kelian's tragic demise.

However, Allan Ochieng, also known as Hype Ballo, a friend of DJ Joe Mfalme and MC, has been singled out for prosecution in connection with the murder.

The DPP's directive, conveyed in a letter dated April 5, 2024, underscores a shift in legal focus towards Ochieng as the sole defendant in the case.

DJ Joe Mfalme's newfound role as a state witness underscores the complexity of the legal proceedings.

The decision by the DPP signifies a departure from the initial suspicion surrounding Mfalme and his associates, emphasizing the nuanced nature of the investigation.

In light of the DPP's directive, Mfalme's involvement in the case takes on a different dimension.

As a state witness, he is poised to offer crucial insights into the events leading up to Kelian's untimely death, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.