Kenyan YouTubers Jules, Lornzie, Ivy, and Shikie, who have been entertaining their fans for seven years under the banner of 'Over 25' have announced their split.

The foursome made the announcement during a 55-minute video in which they shared their final thoughts as a group.

In the video, the creators recounted their seven-year journey and how the channel, which was founded nearly a decade ago, impacted them both as a group and as individuals.

They stated that while it was not an easy decision; they believed it was time to take a step back and reflect on who they are as individuals.

"It has not been an easy decision to make but as Over 25, we now feel that it is time to take a step back and figure out who we are now seven years since we started this journey," the YouTubers said.

While the creators did not give specific reasons for their split, they acknowledged that a lot had changed since they started working together.

They noted that during their time together; they had experienced major life events such as marriages, babies, career changes, break-ups, make-ups, graduations, and even final goodbyes.

"In this time, we have had marriages, babies, career changes, break-ups, make-ups, graduations, birthdays, and even final goodbyes; as happens with many things in life, sometimes you need to pause and regroup," they said.

The creators also hinted that they may reunite in the future, although they did not give any specifics. "Is this the end? We cannot say for sure. Will we be coming back? Possibly. Just not right now," they said.

Over the years, 'Over 25' had become a household name in the Kenyan YouTube community, amassing a significant following with their relatable content, hilarious skits, and engaging vlogs.

Fans expressed sadness at the news of the split, with many thanking the creators for the memories and wishing them well in their future endeavors.

The group also announced that they were releasing their last round of merchandise and encouraged their followers to continue supporting them by purchasing the same.

"We would like to thank each and every one of our subscribers and followers; we owe it all to you. Thank you for subscribing, liking, commenting, engaging, sharing, and supporting," they said.

"You gave us the reassurance to continue and the confidence to grow. Please continue to support us by purchasing the last round of our merchandise."