Anthony Mackie, the American Hollywood actor who starred in the blockbuster Avengers, has been spotted while enjoying his holiday in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mackie, who also starred in the Netflix movie Outside the Wire, which was released in 2021, was spotted by excited fans while having a meal at the Social House in Nairobi last weekend.

The Social House shared on its Instagram page photos of the Hollywood star as he took photos with a number of staff members at the restaurant after having his brunch.

Mackie, 42, was in a pair of red shorts and wore a hoodie as he took selfies with excited staff and fans but it is yet unclear when he landed in the country and when he will be jetting out.

Another photo circulated in which Mackie was seen enjoying a game drive inside the Nairobi Natioal Park. 

The Hollywood A-List actor is visiting weeks after US superstar singers Madonna, Ashanti and British supermodel Naomi Campbell were also in Kenya, all ignoring a Covid-19 red alert issued by America’s CDC.